Hold at post

Yes I know it got canned a few weeks ago but I thought I’d say a bit about Hold At Post.

Auspost screwed up with this one. We Licensees were worried we’d get stuck with parcels for a month. Customers didn’t want to pay money to collect their parcels – which they’d usually paid the postage for anyway.

I think Auspost has to think outside the box here. They could say that everyeon with a PO Box can have parcels held for extended periods free. But put the price of PO boxes up a bit to compensate. That way the customer know s that they have so many weeks or a month or whatever to collect their parcel and they won’t have to pay for it.

That way there’s no drama if someone collects their parcel after fifteen days or whatever, in other words the day after charges kick in.

Or they have a parcel collection only service, in other words a PO Box with no letters. Not Parcel Collect, which is free and just for 10 days. What I’m saying is the customer pays an annual fee and can have their parcels at the PO up to 30 days or whatever.

Just an idea! Maybe no customers would take it up!


Privatizing Australia Post

Turnbull and Shorten both say they won’t privatize Auspost.

Who would buy Auspost at the moment anyway? Maybe for the parcels business, but that’s about it. Parcels is going great guns at my post office right now – it’s been months since Auspost last stole one of my customers!!!

Holding parcels for longer

Auspost is going to make us hang on to parcels for 30 days…

They’re saying that they’ll pay us for the privilege.

It’ll increase the cost of using the post, that’s for sure.

What’ll happen if the customer refuses to pay to collect the parcel? Will we just return it to sender…after having held the parcel at the post office for a few weeks?

This won’t be popular with customers, I reckon we’ll cop a bit of grief at the counter over this.

Auspost flies business class!

It was in the paper last week that Auspost flew four people to Switzerland to look at some sorting machines, and they flew business class. But that’s ok, because they stayed in the local backpackers hostel when they were there to save a few pennies.

The fact that these four flew at the pointy end of the plane isn’t a huge problem for me, it’s the fact that Auspost paid for union officials to fly to Switzerland. Why did they have to go? Were they paying for the machinery?

But this is the best bit – in the article it says that tje new machines can automatically scan and work out if the letter is priority or regular.

Waaaaaait a second! Didn’t the priority service come in last month? So how are they telling regular and priority apart if the new machines are still in Sswitzerland?

Sorting outward mail

There’s been an item in the POAAL newsletter about sorting outward mail and how much you get paid for it. As far as I’m concerned it’s not a problem, because I don’t sort outward mail.

If anyone tries to leave letters with me at the counter I tell them to put them in the red posting box.

It’s different for parcels and stuff that won’t fit in the posting box but everything else goes in theĀ red box.

When the driver comes, he’s just picking up parcels and maybe bulkl mail.

The customers mail doesnt go any faster if it’s lodged over the counter.

For parcels I make sure the bags with parcels aren’t overloaded and I keep track of how many bags I send out each night.